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Self Drive Rwanda with 4×4 Drive Rwanda for 2023

Self Drive Rwanda becomes easy when you book with the best company. Enjoy a self-drive or car rental with a driver in Rwanda with 4×4 Drive Rwanda company from as low as $50 per day. We are the most reliable car rental & Driver hire company in Rwanda offering transportation services like self-drive safaris, long and short term car hire Rwanda, reliable self-drive rentals, airport transfers and more.

Are you interested in booking a car  with a reliable and professional car rental agency? 4×4 Drive Rwanda Ltd gives you the opportunity to enjoy a comfortable ride in this East African country. We give you both luxury car rental Rwanda and Economy car hire services.

Rent a self drive Rwanda car and explore this land of Self Drive Rwandaa thousand hills. Customize your safari itinerary with us and enjoy a wonderful 4×4 road-trip in Rwanda.

Find our various trips and grab a discounted rental cars for self drive in Rwanda. 4×4 Drive Rwanda has a wide range of 4×4 vehicles, safari vans, Car rental with Pop-up, car hire with camping gears, customized jeep rental Rwanda and more 4×4 comfortable SUVs. Apart from 4WD cars, we also have 2WD salon vehicles for hire in Rwanda including Toyota Noah, premios, Ipsum and more.

4x4 Cars for Self Drive in Rwanda

With 4×4 Drive Rwanda, you have a wide fleet of 4×4 cars from which you can select a car that suites your travel needs for either self drive Rwanda experience or rental with a driver. We have both small and big 4×4 SUVs for hire in Rwanda at an affordable cost.

Are you traveling in big numbers, enjoy our safari vans and coasters for group tours in Uganda. Our 4×4 self drive Rwanda offers are unbeatable because they come with relatively lower costs compared to other car rental agencies in Rwanda.

We also have small salon cars for hire in Rwanda which gives you extra comfort both on and off-road. These come at an affordable cost and suitable for Kigali city tour car hire experience. Visit most places in Kigali with our Kigali car rental offers.

Toyota RAV4

Toyota Rav4 Hire Rwanda
Rent a Toyota RAV4 in Rwanda with us at a low cost. Our small SUVs give you extra comfort both on and off-road

Land Cruiser Prado

Land cruiser Prado Hire Rwanda
We have well maintained and reliable Land cruisers for hire in Rwanda. Contact us now and we shall get you one

Safari Vans

Safari Van Hire Rwanda
Rent this 9 seater safari van in Rwanda at a very low cost. We have well-trained driver guides to help you drive

Super Custom

Super Custom Hire Rwanda
A 4×4 Toyota Super Custom gives you extra comfort on the road. Book this great car with 4×4 Drive Rwanda

Safari Land cruiser

Safari Land Cruiser hire Rwanda
Hire a safari land cruiser in Rwanda for your safari experience. We have both 5 and 7 seater land cruisers

Salon Cars

Salon car hire Rwanda
Our small saloon cars for hire in Rwanda are in very good shape for use in and around Rwanda. Book now

Top Self Drive Rwanda Destinations

Car Rental Volcanoes National Park

car rental Volcanoes national park

Here at 4×4 Drive Rwanda, we arrange car rental to Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. With over 15 years of experience, our cars are well maintained to provide our clients with the best car hire services to this national park.

Car Rental Kigali

car rental Kigali
Kigali is the capital city of Rwanda and its one of the most visited places in Africa. This clean city is known for having tourist sites like the Kigali genocide cite. Currently, car rental Kigali is one of the fast-rising services in Rwanda

Car Rental Akagera National Park

car rental Akagera national park
Car rental to Akagera national park with 4×4 Drive Rwanda is the best offer especially if you are on a safari to this East African country. It’s commonly known for its wildlife animals & its the best for wildlife viewing in Rwanda

Car Rental Nyungwe National Park

car rental Nyungwe national park
Are you interested in renting a car to Nyungwe national park? With 4×4 Drive Rwanda, we have a fleet of cars from which you can select any type of car to hire for your self drive Rwanda safari experience or car hire with a driver-guide

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a self drive Rwanda car cost?

The cost of hiring a car in Rwanda for self drive or rental with a driver depends on the type of car one intents to hire and the number of days. From as low as $50 per day, we can give you a car for self drive Rwanda use.

What are the requirements for hiring a self Drive car in Rwanda?

If you want to hire a car for self drive Rwanda use, then we require you to send us a copy of your driving license, a copy of your passport and 40% of the rental fee.

Can I cross the border with a rental car from Rwanda?

Yes, you can cross the border with a rental car from Rwanda to Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. The only difference is that when you cross to another country, some extra costs apply

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