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About 4×4 Drive Rwanda – Rwanda Car Rental Company Specialists

4×4 drive Rwanda is your premier, trustworthy and reliable ground car Rental Company with the best car hire deals you should consider for any need to hire a car in Rwanda. At 4×4 drive Rwanda, we offer you a great opportunity to discover iconic tourist sites in the Land of a Thousand Hills while on a self-drive tour or guided game safari tour. We are situated in Kigali-Rwanda’s vibrant, sound, the beautiful capital city and we specialize and with over 10 years’ experience, we believe in the provision of world-class 4×4 car rental services in Rwanda. We contrast the best rental brands in Kigali such that you have something to save on your next rental car that is why our car hire rates are just within our clients’ budget.

At 4×4 drive Rwanda, we believe in prompt service provision, professional service and that is why we have always featured as an outstanding 4×4 car rental company in Rwanda and East Africa at large. Our 4×4 drive rental cars are in better mechanical condition, fit to deliver you to your desired safari destination while on Rwanda safari.

Interestingly, some of them come with other features at least or no cost including among others the Global Positioning System (GPS), road maps which are essential for solo travelers on self-drive tour in Rwanda; unlimited mileage, air conditioners, comprehensive insurance, quality camping gears thus relieving you from burden of carrying too much luggage from your home country.

Our fleet of rental cars
4×4 drive Rwanda prides itself as a premier car hire company with a wide selection of rental cars and suit every traveler’s needs. Our fleet of rental cars includes among others 4×4 Toyota Rav4-the perfect choice for self-drive tours, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado VX, TX, GX, TZ; Land Cruisers Hardtop or rooftop tent Land Cruisers, Safari Minivans, Super Customs, Land Cruiser V8. Our fleet of rental cars also comprises of classic and comfortable coaster buses, saloon/sedan cars and many more.

Get in touch with our reservation and enjoys your holiday in Rwanda with your dream at just a pocket-friendly price.
Our 4×4 rental cars are a perfect choice for visitors on Rwanda safari and they plan to embark on gorilla trekking safaris, golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park, game viewing in the pristine wilderness of Akagera National Park, chimpanzee tracking tours in Gishwati Mukura National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park or in case of airport transfer.

Our team
4×4 drive Rwanda started small but currently, we have expanded and we comprise several professional, experienced, warm welcoming, reliable, resourceful driver guides. All our expertise is rich in experience about travel destinations in Rwanda and they can take you to every iconic tourist site for you to make your dream come true. With our lengthy experience, we pride ourselves as premier world class car rental service providers in Rwanda and East Africa at large. We are available 24/7 to serve you because realizing your dream is our pride too.

The 4×4 drive Rwanda vehicles use two differentials and a transfer case this helps you to pass through hilly areas or rocky surfaces. We highly recommend using 4×4 drives Rwanda this is because your front wheels could get some traction on the road especially in the rainy season, the rainy season ranges in the months of March, April, May, September, October, and November.
This season is wet with too much rain which sometimes makes it difficult for travelers to go on with tour activities like game viewing and Gorilla trekking. This is essentially what 4×4 drive Rwanda does. It gives you traction where and when you need it. Why rent a car with 4×4 drive Rwanda

4×4 drive Rwanda is an outstanding car hire company and given the long years of experience in this service and the tourism sector, we are that one car rental agency you have been looking for.
• Our rentals are comprehensively insured thus costs are covered a good reason many travelers prefer our Rwanda car hire services.
• We believe in world-class 4×4 drive car hire service providing that is why we are an outstanding car rental company in Rwanda.
• We are available 24/7 and in case of road assistance, no need to worry, because we shall be at your service.
• At 4×4 drive Rwanda, we assist our clients to arrange or book chimpanzee, gorilla and golden monkey permits and other safaris, book hotel/accommodation.
• We offer unlimited mileage
• We also offer advice to our clients and guide them appropriately when planning your Rwanda safari.
• Trust, reliability is one reason why you need to rent a car with a 4×4 drive in Rwanda.
• In case of airport transfer-from Kigali to your desired destination, 4×4 drive Rwanda still offers this service meaning, you won’t become stranded upon arrival at Kigali International Airport.
• Test us and see the great difference

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