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Car Rental Rwanda with Camping Gear – Cost, Price, How to Book and Guide

Car rental Rwanda with camping gear is one of the special services we do offer to our clients. We have gathered various equipment for camping tourists from which they can select the best to go with on their Rwanda self drive experience.

Car Rental Rwanda with Camping GearRwanda is a beautiful country for self-drives and wilderness camping with an option of bush camping in the National Park being possible in mainly Akagera National Park. There is no better way to freely experience the beauty of Rwanda’s secluded destinations than undertaking a self-drive safari and complementing it with car rental Rwanda with camping gear. This also reduces the overall cost of accommodation during your safari.

Some rental cars are fully equipped with camping gears including rooftop tents or dome tents but whichever you opt for, you are guaranteed of having an experience of a lifetime.

Car rental Rwanda with camping gear  usually include sleeping bags, mattresses, and tables, cooking equipment, chairs, and solar table lamps among others.

What is included in car rental Rwanda with camping gear

Whether it’s a root top or dome tent, some cars especially land cruisers will make your safari unforgettable.

Sleeping bag (with blanket, bed sheets and pillows)
When camping, don’t expect to sleep on deluxe mattresses but rather sleeping bags which are assuredly comfortable as well. Sleeping bags are usually accompanied by bed sheets, blankets, and pillows.

A small mattress is an alternative for sleeping bags and always makes sure not to have a big mattress that takes up a lot of space. Good rented cars usually have mattresses for tourists who opt for camping.

Chairs and tables
Dining and wining especially while relaxing or during campfires usually require tables and chairs. With good car rentals, among the must-have camping gears are the tables and chairs.

Frying pans and pots
You will need cooking pots and frying pans during your camping tour and for most rental cars with camping gears, you will provide some of these cooking items.

Gas tank and burner
Since there is normally no electricity within most campsites in Rwanda, you will need fire for preparing your meals. Which source of energy is more perfect than gas? I guess none. A small and portable gas cooker with a burner will, therefore, be provided.

Other must-have car rentals and camping gears for Rwanda safari include Percolator or coffee making kettles, lamps and headlights, Cutlery (knives, can opener, spoons, forks, and corkscrew) as well as the Chopping board among others.

Go on and book Car Rental Rwanda with Camping Gear with us!

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