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Car Rental with Driver Rwanda – Cost, Price, cars to hire and Booking Guide

Car rental with a driver Rwanda is an efficient and exciting way of discovering the hidden and undiscovered beauty of Rwanda’s numerous destinations. While some tourists would rather undertake self-drive tours, others will instead opt for car rental with a driver because firstly most drivers are conversant with the routes, destinations and accommodation facilities. All you have to do is mention the different places you wish to visit and the driver will take you without difficulty.

Car Rental with Driver RwandaWhether your plan is to visit the four National Parks in Rwanda, cultural sites, genocide sites, safari Lodges, Hotels or even an ordinary City tour, the car rental with driver Kigali or across the country will willingly take you on the UN-beatable track as you explore tourist sites on your bucket list. Car rental in Rwanda with a driver is also ideal for first-time travelers to avoid any inconveniences such as getting lost while using the unlabeled routes or even being victims of fraudsters or robberies.

Interestingly, car rental drivers have experience in the driving profession and even tour guiding hence will provide rich information during the safari. Provided are some of the car rentals with driver tips to follow in Rwanda;

Book in advance
Tourists plan to rent a car with a driver are recommended to book at least one month in advance so as to adequately arrange the best driver/guide for your safari in Rwanda. It’s obviously easier to get a car for a self-drive than a car with a driver because even when the vehicle is available, the driver for your specific safari needs may not easily be availed. The majority of the driver/guides in Rwanda are French and English speaking thus in case of special arrangements for Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, German and sometimes French will need advance booking.

Stick to one driver
Most times you will be charged fees for an additional driver to cater to his/her allowances. Whether short or long distances, one driver will be enough to complete your safari and even in case of the latter (long distance), there are usually stopovers to allow the driver to rest and rejuvenate. Most destinations in Rwanda are not more than 7 hours from each other or the City thus manageable for just one driver.

Be prepared to pay extra
A Rwanda self-drive safari is different from a car rental with a driver when it comes to costs because, for the latter, you will have to pay more money to cater to the driver’s allowances, meals, and accommodation among others.

Inform the driver about destinations you wish to visit
Informing the Rwanda car rental company in advance about the different destinations on your bucket list is important so as to allow the driver to plan well. Renting a car with a driver will necessitate first informing the company about some of the places you wish to go to so as to avoid extra costs as well.

In conclusion, important car rental with driver Rwanda is looking for the car in advance, conducting enough research, preparing for extra costs and strictly sticking to one driver throughout the safari.

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