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Road Rules in Rwanda – Self Drive Rwanda Guide

Driving in a new destination like Rwanda for the first time can be challenging and in order for you to have a memorable safari holiday, there are set road rules every traveler should put into consideration. The set road rules are basically set dos and don’ts or guidelines designed for you to have a well-planned, safe and smooth road trip in Rwanda. Note, the road or traffic rules in Rwanda may differ from those back in your home country and you need to be very keen and well-prepared. However, Rwanda gives travelers with a valid driver’s license liberty to drive and explore its different iconic tourist sites.

Below are some of the road rules in Rwanda
When driving in Rwanda, keep right. Please note, every nation has a system that controls the flow of traffic depending on the available routes and so is Rwanda. Driving in Rwanda, traffic moves on the right-hand side and for starters, this is one of the essential road rules and regulations you should put into consideration. Understanding the traffic flow is essential especially for solo travelers on a self-drive safari tour in Rwanda.
Persons above 18 years are eligible to drive categories A and B while those above 20 years can drive categories C, D, E, and F. To drive in Rwanda while on a self-drive tour, you should be between 18 and 75 years.

A valid driving license should be a must-have if you plan to drive in Rwanda. Visitors with valid international driving permits can embark on a self-drive in Rwanda provided that it is valid for a period you plan to spend in this country. Usually, a driver’s license should be valid at least 3 months.

Do not drink and drive in Rwanda. Drunk drivers are liable to fine and jail for at least 24 hours. The legal alcohol level in Rwanda is 0.08 percent. Note, random breath testing can be carried out by police and it is legal.

The speed limit, while you drive in urban/towns in Rwanda, is 40kms per hr and provinces, 60kms per hr. Therefore, be mindful of the speed at which you drive while on self-drive in Rwanda.

Always be on your seat belts while on road trip in Rwanda. Wearing seat belts isn’t a crime and prior to hitting the road make sure you and everyone are on seat belts. This is essential for your safety on the road.
For emergencies, please contact 112, 113 in case of traffic accidents and 116 for abuse by a police officer.

Using phones while driving in Rwanda is highly not recommended. This can distract your attention and, in most cases, this habit has caused so many road accidents. Therefore, decease from it and enjoy your ride and in case you need to make a call/receive a call it is better you park aside.

Cars already in the traffic circles have right of way. Please respect those already in the traffic circles and have the best of your road trip in Rwanda.

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